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Small-Sized Kitchen Renovation & Remodeling Ideas

A big kitchen isn't something everyone has or wants. Big doesn't necessarily mean better, after all, some of the best things often come in small packages! For instance, a small-scale kitchen has tons of benefits. Everything you need will be easily accessible and within arms' reach, making day-to-day cooking easier and hassle-free. A small kitchen can be easier to maintain and keep clean because it inspires you to get rid of the extra clutter.

A small kitchen can make a major difference in your home if you add just the right touches. Small kitchen designs also signify a bigger budget for appliances and lighting, and less spent on cabinetry. Here are some great tricks and tips on how you can maximize a small, compact kitchen.



Lots of light is crucial in a small space, and upper cabinets can make a space feel limited and will cast a shadow over the countertops, making the area dimmer than needed. A great way to avoid this and to make the area feel more spacious and light is to use neatly styled, floating shelves.

If forfeiting storage space concerns you and if you have the space, you should think about installing a hardworking island.

Open shelves are an amazing alternative for more storage. You will want the shelves to have a deepness of at least 10 inches. This is key if you want dinner plates, pots, or any other wide objects to be stored on the shelving.


Having a small kitchen space means that some of your everyday objects will be kept visible. Purchasing appliances that look pleasing to the eye is a huge advantage because they’ll be out on display at all times.

You will also see lots of usefulness in keeping appliances out because they’ll constantly be accessible to you. Always think about the best, top-notch appliances for your home, and do a little additional research to find ones that match the look and vibe of your kitchen.


Another consideration could be installing a corner sink. Seeing as how a majority of sink tasks are stationary, the corner arrangement allows extra space in case someone needs to put groceries away, prepare ingredients, access the fridge, etc. Though, if you use big utensils and dishes, this may not be a great choice because corner sinks tend to be significantly smaller than traditional ones.


Installing a big design such as a strong pattern can help minimize the kitchen's minimal square footage while also giving the space a great personality. Utilizing a significant pattern tends to work better in a small kitchen than in a large one. This is because, in a bigger area, too much pattern can overpower the room.


Keeping your kitchen setup simple with a white backsplash, open shelving above, and black cabinetry beneath is classy, classic, and stylish. The white walls make it feel fresh while the black cabinetry emphasizes the layout.


When it comes to a small kitchen space, every square inch counts, meaning you can’t leave corners vacant. Designing a corner can be tough and demands a light symmetry between structure and performance.

Another thing you can consider is a corner countertop cabinet. Raising the cabinetry to the ceiling increases storage and also makes the room look and feel larger.


You should select finishes and enhancing features that please you while also complementing your kitchen's layout and home's style and design. Understanding that each option you choose for a little kitchen will be enhanced by the tight space is extremely important.

Thus, if you decided on a wallpaper with an intricate design, bold tiles, or a paint color, each will look and feel much more dramatic and overpowering than they would in an average-sized or bigger kitchen. Because of this, it's smart to limit the selections of decorative layers to a minimum and keep them in distinct areas of the kitchen.

You can also go the subtle route by keeping in mind that softening your choices, even slightly, can be very sufficient for your little kitchen.


A U-shaped arrangement could be the best and most logical option for a small kitchen area. The two corners in the structure allows a suitable number of cabinets. Using pull-out inner fittings enables access to all areas of the cabinets, increasing storage space.


A galley kitchen, or a corridor kitchen layout, could be another excellent choice. They consist of a three to five-foot walkway located in between two parallel walls of cabinetry. This kind of kitchen is usually designed for one person's use at a time, due to the area's compact size. Typically, the gallery kitchen has two working stations that face the other. One workstation includes cooking features and the other will be for cleaning and preparation.


Stay Forever Construction has lots of experience when it comes to small-sized kitchen renovations and remodels. We know just the thing to get the job done smoothly and efficiently. We are The Best Choice For Homes! Contact our team for a free quote today.


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