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Remodel vs. Renovation: What's The Difference?

The terms “renovate” and “remodel” are frequently used interchangeably, when it comes to interior design, contracting, and real estate. While both renovation and remodeling will enhance and refurbish your home, the two kinds of projects are noticeably different, individually with their own collection of considerations and advantages. If you're planning on starting some major home modifications, it’s a good idea to get the terminology straight before you speak to a contractor.

When it comes to a remodel or renovation, have you ever stopped and thought, am I using the correct term? Or what is the difference between the two? The distinction between them is actually quite simple. A renovation refers to revitalizing something in the present state, while a remodel refers to creating something new.



  1. To restore to good condition; make new or as if new again; repair

  2. To invigorate; refresh; REVIVE


  1. To alter the structure of: REMAKE

The difference between these terms are quite obvious. But what do they mean in the construction industry?


In this industry, a renovation could indicate anything from new floor installations and changing out faucets and cabinet door knobs to installing new light fixtures. The original design is never greatly modified. Instead, it's merely restored or altered to achieve a new level. For example, during the renovation process, a bathroom remains a bathroom or a kitchen remains a kitchen, with a few updates and restorations made.

A custom renovation doesn't just make a room more appealing, but will also add a bit of your own touch. Renovating your kitchen creates a more personalized feel, providing a relaxing and cozy atmosphere. At the same time, low-cost and smaller-scale renovations such as restoring old windows or painting a room’s walls prior to placing your house on the market will significantly improve the possibility of a successful sale, as well as provide a pleasant return on your investment.


  • Replacing outdated systems

  • Installing new light fixtures

  • Adding new hardware

  • Replacing windows

  • Refacing cabinets

  • Updating appliances

  • Replacing tiles or flooring

  • Repainting


The remodeling process consists of transforming the arrangement and purpose of a room. For example, remodeling is when you alter the style, layout, and structure of a space. To put it simply, you’re modifying the layout and look of a space, not just restoring it. Let's say you're planning on reconstructing a floor plan or combining your living room and kitchen, creating a stylish and open layout. That's remodeling!


  • Removing walls

  • Merging two rooms into one

  • Installing a kitchen island

  • Altering the layout of a room

  • Elevating ceilings

  • Layout modifications

  • ADU conversions

  • Room additions

  • Story additions


Remodeling tends to cost more than renovating. That's because it typically requires more intricate design contemplations and modifying the structure of a home, which may lead to additional plumbing, construction, and electrical fees. Remodels may require permits, which can also increase your price anywhere between $500 or more, determined by the expanse of the project.

Renovations can vary in price considering the project. The price is also determined by how old the home is and how much you're renovating. Typically, a renovation is a less expensive choice since they normally demand rarer surprises, and the labor and material expenses are considerably easier to calculate.

The main aspects you'll want to take into account when calculating the expenses of a renovation or remodel include:

  • Appliances, fixtures, cabinets, and hardware

  • The state of the home

  • The age of the home

  • Materials (paint, flooring, wood)

  • Permits (if mandated)

  • Consulting, labor, and contractor fees

  • The size of the space

  • The general scope of work

The decision between remodeling and renovating all comes down to what's best for you and your home. You can start by comparing prices and thinking about what you need and want from this project. Timing is also key. You don't want anything coming up mid-project that will interrupt it's progress. Before you settle on which is the right choice, make sure you understand the final goal for your project and what you will gain from it in function and value.


Stay Forever is a general contracting company with loads of experience with remodels and renovations, meeting requirements, getting permits, and have a team to help you with plans and design. We are located in Southern California and offer a free consultation quote. We can also help you decide what kind of project is best for you and your home if you're unsure. Our group of builders and designers will make sure that you get exactly what you envisioned and won't finish until you are completely satisfied with our work. No matter what route you choose, Stay Forever Inc. is The Best Choice For Homes!


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