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Why Open Floor Plans Are So Beneficial

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A residential open floor plan, also known as an open concept, is when at least two or more rooms, which are usually divided but have related purposes, are combined to form a bigger space. Typically, they eliminate doors, hallways, and walls; creating a feeling of openness and creating a more spacious layout.

An open concept doesn't necessarily mean that there are no barriers nor that all rooms are completely connected; sometimes, they include half walls that separate the two areas. Open floor plans also only apply to common areas which exclude spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, and home offices.

A vivid example of two spaces being divided with correlated functions is a dining area and kitchen open floor plan. The two relate to each other because the kitchen is a space for cooking and the dining area is a space for eating, so it makes sense to combine the two rooms into one open area.

Rather than interior load-bearing walls, like most houses have, heavy-duty beams are used in open floor plan construction homes to support the weight of the second-story floor. This is why it's more logical to include an open floor plan in the primary building plans instead of constructing one from an already existing build.

residential open floor plan, home renovations, real estate, investment, california, los angeles, property value

Open floor plans are very common in new homes today, so we've created a summary of some of the many benefits of an open floor layout to aid you in determining whether it's the best choice for you and your home.


When designing your home, we advise clients to add multiple windows in the kitchen and/or living room to not only give you a lovely view but also help illuminate the connecting spaces with the glimmery rays. Natural sunlight will make the room feel larger and will travel throughout your home without interior walls dividing the dining room, kitchen, and living area. A majority of this has to do with the arrangement of your home, so you'll want to make sure to orchestrate which way your home faces appropriately. Consider what views you want to incorporate and which rooms would benefit from being in the warm sun.


For expanding families or even new parents, open floor plans are incredibly safer for children since it's easier to keep an eye on them. When there are borders and walls in the way that section off the individual spaces, you may not see them when playing in a certain area of your home or outside.


Open floor plans can be amazing for hosting a game night, party, or any other social situation. The extended space makes it simple to bring in extra seating for your company, without feeling crowded. Another benefit is, an open floor plan allows you to interact with your guests in the living or dining area even if you're cooking and prepping in the kitchen.

This format has become more and more in demand over the last few years simply because it helps make entertaining your friends and family effortless and fun. Without walls there to separate these spaces, you're able to be in three areas at once, making hosting a walk in the park!


An open floor plan is a great alternative if the huge home of your dreams doesn’t align with your much smaller budget, this way, your home will look and feel larger. Divisions like doors and walls tend to section off portions of your home and can make you feel trapped. Rather than making a common-sized living space feel even more miniature with divisions, think about opening it up to the dining area and/or kitchen. This will give you more leeway to arrange your furniture as well.


An open floor plan is highly beneficial, and desirable, and can improve the value of your home in the future since this kind of plan adds useful square footage, which is pleasing to numerous potential buyers. Investing in a home that doesn't include an open floor plan might not do you much, or any justice later when you try to sell it. This is because open floor plans are a part of modern home design.

At Stay Forever Construction Inc., no job is too big or small! We have so much experience with open floor plans and we would be more than glad to help you out with yours. If you're ready to take the next step, contact our team today to set up a free consultation. We are The Best Choice For Homes!


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