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Are Galley Kitchens Making A Comeback?

galley kitchen

The galley kitchen is a simple kitchen setup that's been around for decades. This kitchen layout gained popularity due to its capability on narrow ships way back in the early 1900s. This kind of kitchen was created to be productive and compact and can provide an excellent prepping and cooking area for those with limited space in their homes. Galley kitchens aren't only a favored selection for homes with little to no space, they also present a smooth, sleek look that numerous homeowners find appealing.


A galley kitchen is an elongated, slim kitchen layout consisting of a three to five-foot walkway located in between two parallel walls of cabinetry. Typically, the two working stations face each other, one workstation includes cooking features and the other will be for cleaning and preparation.

This classic layout is simple, long-lasting, and as versatile as you can get. Despite galley kitchens being extremely space-efficient and fitting the need for a small kitchen space, you may even think about installing one in a bigger area, purely because it's such a functional layout. Because galley kitchens are often in a smaller area, they're more likely to be less costly to remodel or install compared to other kitchen designs.

Like any kitchen design, there are pros and cons to weigh before determining whether a galley kitchen is right for you and your home.




1. Easy to clean

1. Less countertop space

2. Ample storage space

2. Insufficient traffic flow if you have a "dead-end galley" kitchen (meaning only open at one end)

3. EVERYTHING is easily within reach

3. Only fits a maximum of two persons at a time, otherwise feels crowded

4. Plenty of workspace

4. Difficult to fit large kitchen appliances

5. Cost-effective

5. Lower resale value


Countertops and cabinets tend to be the most costly features in a kitchen, but in this case, the expense is reduced drastically due to the kitchen's compact area. Because a galley kitchen tends to be smaller than most, you won't have to pay as much for expensive flooring, cabinets, and countertops! This means that you'll have extra money to spend on other details of your home, a sink, or new kitchen appliances.

Galley kitchens help save space, allowing the other rooms in your home to be more open and spacious. The structure of this layout keeps the main kitchen services (electrical, gas, and water) in the same area utilizing the "work triangle". This also helps electricians and plumbers when installing or servicing kitchen appliances.


Though there are tons of pros when it comes to a galley kitchen, there are also a lot of downsides. A kitchen with this kind of layout is often too narrow and slim for more than two cooks to work comfortably. Depending on the design, storage and countertop space can be restricted because of the lack of base cabinets.

Homes with a galley kitchen can have a lower resale value compared to houses with other kitchen setups. This is because homeowners usually favor bigger kitchens.

Galley kitchens can also be the least welcoming kitchen structure when housing guests due to their compact size since the kitchen area tends to be the spot for people to gather.


A huge component behind the galley kitchen's popularity is that, more often than not, homeowners would rather live in a smaller space. Whether this is a personal choice or because of financial restraints, this specific layout doesn't require a ton of space to design.

The galley setup works incredibly well for people who live in smaller spaces like condos, small homes, and apartments. It allows the homeowner to utilize all wall space and assembles a smooth and steady flow within the room.


Galley kitchens make cooking super easy and efficient because everything's within arm's reach. Not having a huge island or kitchen table in your way will save you time when getting things done. This kitchen layout makes the walkway big enough, letting you move as you please, but not too wide that you have to take more than two steps to get across.


Some may say that a galley is too private, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Having a kitchen that’s hidden away in its little corner means you don’t have to keep it neat all the time. Say you run out of time to clean up and your guests are arriving soon. This layout will give you the option to conveniently hide your messy kitchen from your company if you don't get the chance to tend to it.


If a closed-off kitchen isn't what you're looking for, you can still achieve the open-concept look by adding an interior cut-out window. The wall that divides the living room and kitchen can be cut out to keep the galley layout while opening the space. This also makes it easier to entertain company while cooking.

A galley kitchen can be a practical and trendy space with the proper design concepts. You can easily build a galley kitchen that expands its space and performance while also displaying your style simply by incorporating lighting, glass cabinets, open shelving, minimalistic design, and bold backsplashes. If you're not sure what kind of kitchen works best for you and your home, or you just want a professional's opinion, Stay Forever Inc. is more than happy to help. Contact our team today or visit our website for more information!


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