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Just Completed: A SFV Rental Development

Meet Jonathan, a project manager here at Stay Forever Construction, in charge of customer relations, meeting city inspectors, and making sure projects are running on time.

Our video shows you what turning an old, run-down 25-unit apartment complex into a beautiful, modern 31-unit apartment home community can look like.

This gorgeous building is located in Panorama City on Roscoe Boulevard. We took care of this job for our long-time associates over at Golden Bee Properties, a top property management company in Southern California.

This project, designed by Martin Berneman from Golden Bee Properties, was a full rehab that took us about a year to complete. The building was a diamond in the rough at the start and it wasn't easy to see its potential. Luckily after getting started, we knew to trust the process.

We started with demolition, leaving just the bare bones, allowing our professionals to bring it back to life. Next, we repiped, reframed, rewired, and redesigned the entire building. We even transformed a few of the studio apartments into one-bedroom apartments and some two-bedroom into three. Finally, we converted six garages downstairs into one-bedroom ADUs, adding to the property's value and monthly revenue.

Jobs like this one require lots of patience and attention to detail due to the amount of work and inspections that are needed. Thanks to our amazing team of professionals, we're always able to get our jobs done on time, no matter how big or small the project may be.

That is why Stay Forever Construction is The Best Choice For Homes!




I live at 204 N Manhattan p

our parking is being taken away by money grubing people!! I thought parking safely was important in LA!!

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